Community groups have been invited to support local play parks after calls were made for more funding.

Councillors Stephen Beasant and Kay Rudd asked for more money to be invested in play areas across North East Lincolnshire after several remain closed or in a poor state of disrepair.

One example of this is Grant Thorold Park in Grimsby, where two out of the three play areas are locked up due to vandalism.

Cllr Beasant believes that children are being failed because of the lack of funding.

He said: "The reason why I've brought it forward is the lack of investment in our parks across the UK.

"There should be a Nightingale moment for our parks where investment is directly put into funding them and renovating them.

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"It's fair enough to save our jobs but our children are being failed. A park is part of a child's development, teaching them both life skills and social skills.

"We have had no park funding since 2010, and in that time two of the play areas in Grant Thorold Park have been closed.

"But we have extended our concern to all of the parks in the area, because I think it's important that all of them get funding and more support.

"We have been accused of bringing it up at the wrong time because of Covid-19, but our children deserve this to help them after being stuck inside due to the lockdown and have somewhere they can play."